IDIS direct IP. The new way to deliver HD CCTV.

IDIS Direct IP  has many benefits and It has been designed with great thought about what end users require from an HD CCTV system. Many installers have become frustrated because historically HD CCTV has been a mix and match of various different products put together under the veil of ONVIF. Do you use a VMS solution together with a PC? Do you use an NVR with third party cameras? Do you use a hybrid DVR? Each combination provides its share of issues, not least the fact that none provide a “complete” HD CCTV solution.

With IDIS it is different. IDIS HD CCTV uses Direct IP, a simple , easy to install, plug and play HD CCTV system. IDIS direct IP enables the installer the feature of automatic network detection. This means all you need to do is switch on, plug in your camera and it appears on the monitor. No hassle trying to find out IP address no worries about compatibility, just pure, perfect HD images.

IDIS NVR’s come in 4,8 and 16 way versions. For larger systems NVR’s can be connected together using a DirectIP switch. This means Multi camera systems are scalable, flexible and connectivity is achieved through one simple DirectIP switch.


As with all IP systems distance has a bearing on design. For camera locations more than 90 metres from the NVR, IDIS direct IP has plenty of compatible ancillary equipment these include a DirectIP network switching hub, a Gigabit bandwidth handling multi camera data, PoE power capability for both IR camera and PTZ camera simultaneously. PoE injector/splitter, UTP to SFP converter, SFP module, EOC (Ethernet over Coax) module.


The full range of  HD CCTV cameras include Internal, external, bullet, dome and body. A great choice for all scenarios. So whatever you need to view IDIS direct IP has a camera type that will provide the sort of picture quality you have come to expect from an HD CCTV system


The pentaplex operation means the DirectIP based NVR has simultaneous functionality.

The following features apply:

Multiple independent video streams allow for live monitoring, recording and remote monitoring, while additional smart features control resolution, quality and bit rate from remote video data sources. In addition Live-view, record, playback, remote access, backup of recorded audio and video.


The IDIS NVR is ONVIF compliant if you need to introduce the NVR into an existing system then third party cameras will operate with the minimum of fuss. There are no licence fees to consider and iNEX, IDIS’s versatile Video Management Software (VMS), allows you to manage integrated security across your HD camera system.


What we like about the IDIS HD CCTV solution is that it covers all bases. All those questions you normally need to ask about compatibility, design, and installation are answered in one easy statement.” Yes it will work” So if you need a simple , reliable HD CCTV system look no further than HD CCTV solutions and IDIS direct IP.






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