AVIGILON HD PRO camera range.

HD Pro Cameras


Avigilon are about to Introduce their new line of HD Pro cameras. Avigilon claim that these cameras are the industry’s most powerful and they also claim these are the most innovative line of high-definition cameras that the have been manufactured to date.

The new HD Pro cameras are available in three different versions. This is the 8 MP, 12 MP and 16 MP resolutions. Each camera has been completely re-engineered on Avigilon’s next generation H4 platform and designed to deliver the ultimate combination of performance, processing power and bandwidth economy.

Avigilon have achieved this through the seamless integration with Avigilon Control Center by using Avigilon’s proprietary HDSM 2.0 technology. Avigilon’s HD Pro cameras also come with onboard storage capabilities, allowing for the storage of footage directly on the device using a standard SD card. This is another step forward in edge recording.

Avigilon have deployed their technology in many different places from stadiums and airports to large-scale critical infrastructure projects and Avigilon’s new HD Pro cameras continue to provide vast coverage with unparalleled image detail.


8 MP, 12 MP and 16 MP resolutions.

Capture high-quality, detailed images over vast areas, while providing maximum coverage options.

H.264 Compression H.264 compression allows for maximum image quality while minimizing impact on bandwidth and network performance.

Focus and Iris Control of SLR Lenses.

Remote focus for ease of installation and operation.

Plug-and-Play No external power required.

Flexible lens options Compatible with both EF and EF-S mount lenses for the best possible optical quality.

Onboard storage SDHC and SDXC card compatability for storage of video footage directly on the device.

LightCatcher TM Technology Collects significantly more detail from a low light scene, to deliver higher quality colour images with far less noise than other low light cameras.


The H4 platform and HDSM 2.0 Engineered using H.264 compression technologies, Avigilon’s next-generation H4 platform allows for improved overall camera performance, including faster processing power, more efficient bandwidth management and superior image detail.

So how is this achieved?

Its quite simple, by harnessing the strength of Avigilon Control Center and the second generation of our patented High Definition Stream

Management technology (HDSM 2.0), our H4 platform intelligently and efficiently manages your HD data, letting you view and search through high-definition video easier than ever before, with fewer strains on network resources. The combination of these two revolutionary technologies results in Avigilon’s most powerful cameras yet, which means your system can maintain optimal performance while still getting unparalleled image detail.

Vast coverage. Superior detail.

The HD PRO series is built to accomodate the coverage of  large areas such as Stadiums, carparks and airports, Avigilon’s HD Pro camera series are the ultimate camera for providing full situational awareness combined with crystal clear detail when zoomed in. Monitor a full stadium and capture fan disruptions to comply with mandatory government regulations. Cover a full parking lot and identify number plates. Or cover the entire tarmac of an airport while still being able to distinguish plane numbers. Regardless of your coverage needs, Avigilon’s HD Pro cameras provide the power and detail you need to keep your environment safe and secure. If you need security, need to monitor public spaces, reduce false injury claims, control crowds and prevent theft then look no further than the Avigilon HD PRO camera range for unimaginable detail.


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