HD CCTV is not just about security

For many years now CCTV has always been about security. This is the main pitch any sales person will make and his boast will be just how much crime CCTV will help to reduce and this means that its installation is crucial to stop a business being hit. Of course the reality is very different. Many companies have reluctantly accepted that by the time they have paid for the CCTV installation and ongoing service this requires that CCTV may in fact be costing them more than it is saving them. After all the odd lost item from the yard or out the stores is almost incidental and easily absorbed. Of course it is always hard to quantify how much CCTV cameras do save but many companies are now making do with their old kit or simply deciding not to have CCTV installed at all.

Now though CCTV is about more than security and reducing crime, still an important aspect but one that can be dwarfed by other benefits. The reduction of false claims against a company that may cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds , improvements in productivity, enforcement of health and safety. All the of these events needs an almost forensic level of detail and this cannot be supplied by analogue CCTV. Now though HD CCTV is making a huge difference. Evidence that could not be gleaned by older cameras is now clearly visible in HD. The ability to zoom in on events without losing clarity is helping prove fraudulent transactions and “slips” that never happened. Improved productivity is helping companies grow out of recession and this is all thanks to HD cameras. Many are seeing this as a time to invest in their business and gain the information they need to make it work efficiently giving them the edge over competitors.


HD has to be seen to be appreciated but just like your TV once you have HD CCTV you will wonder how you ever did without it.






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