Why have hundreds of CCTV cameras suddenly stopped working overnight?

Bizarre but true. Suddenly without warning hundreds if not thousands of CCTV cameras have suddenly stopped working overnight. How could this happen? What is going on? Without warning many CCTV end users are trying to review their footage of overnight incidents and have seen a dramatic fall in the quality of their pictures. Why this sudden change? Have CCTV cameras all decided to fail at once? Well no , not exactly but the one thing all CCTV cameras rely on totally has started to disappear, the problem is that all of a sudden there is no light.


CCTV cameras

Wait you may say, just replace the bulbs, but this is not the inherent problem, the issue arises from the need for many cameras across the UK to rely on ambient lighting to operate, street lighting to be precise. For years the UK has been treated to dusk till dawn street lighting across the pretty much the whole of the country. This has meant cameras using this street lighting to operate have always worked with little or no need for additional light. Now however we have seen a new phenomenon creep into the UK economy . It is called austerity.

For the last year many councils across the country have been faced with some tough decision on how to save money, now many are doing the unthinkable and switching off street lighting in the small hours between 1 am and 5 am. The reasons of course are sound, much money saved and let’s be honest most of us are sound asleep so it has no effect at all on us. However some fractions of the criminal fraternity are thriving on a twofold advantage being handed to them . No light meaning they can operate in more or less complete darkness and no cameras to catch them either. Of course the cameras that suffer most are those that for years have operated with no issues whatsoever. No one has seen this coming…literally.

This problem though is easily solved. Clarius IR illuminators for dual chip cameras and Clarius white light illuminators for colour cameras will solve the problem overnight with the minimum of cost compared to a camera upgrade or the installation of new cameras with built in IR.


So cameras that simply don’t work are a growing problem across the UK but Clarius illuminators can solve the problem quickly at the best prices to the end user. So don’t be left in the dark, check your night time images now and take advantage of LED lighting technology to improve you CCTV images all round.


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