Avigilon and Redcloud a perfect solution?

Avigilon continue to take the security industry by storm and surprisingly or maybe not to some,  they have decided to buy into an integrated access control solution. By buying Redcloud they have shown their hand and the desire to step up their potential as a supplier of all security solutions not just IP CCTV. So who are Redcloud?  What do they do and why were Avigilon attracted to buy them?

here is what Avigilon had to say:

“We are excited to announce that Avigilon has acquired RedCloud Security, Inc., an innovative provider of access control technology. This acquisition gives us a new product line that naturally complements our existing range of end-to-end high-definition surveillance solutions and will provide our global partner network with another tool for expanding revenue opportunities in the growing security market.

This acquisition is a natural fit for Avigilon due to parallel philosophies in providing innovative solutions for end-users and partners. “RedCloud has redefined physical access control with their unique approach to converging IT and physical security,” said Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO of Avigilon. RedCloud is a revolutionary access control solution that was built from the ground up by IT and security veterans to deliver a new industry standard in performance and ease of use, while integrating seamlessly with identity management and video surveillance for maximum scalability.

So who are RedCloud ?

RedCloud’s executive team is led by IT and security veterans from Lenel and Honeywell Access Systems, who have more than a combined 50 years of experience in the physical security industry. After years of experience developing industry-leading access control software and custom software development for numerous tier-1 airports in the US, President and CTO, Terry Neely, founded RedCloud to address the lack of innovation from traditional physical access control systems (PACS) vendors by designing an access control solution that delivered unsurpassed system reliability, performance and scalability.

The RedCloud Convergence Platform™ (US Patent no. 8,122,497) enables organizations to unify their physical and logical access control for 360-degree visibility into the security of their facilities, people and assets. By correlating authentication, authorization and security event information across PACS and traditional IT applications, RedCloud provides organizations with the necessary contextual authorization, operational intelligence and convergence to effectively automate and improve overall security – at a significantly reduced cost.

Today, RedCloud delivers a powerful, web-based, physical and virtual appliance platform that leverages an open architecture, integrates identity management and video surveillance and achieves the highest level of scalability with the lowest cost of ownership, making RedCloud the logical choice in access control.”

It seems the synergy with Avigilon is just about perfect but can the two products integrate seamlessly over the coming months and what advantages can they give their installers.

We wait with anticipation but Avigilon have yet to put foot wrong so we would be very surprised if they have made the wrong move here.

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