WEBGATE looking to the future

Integrated CCTV would like to pass our congratulations onto HDcctv manufacturer Webgate. They have now produced and have just had certified the 50th HDcctv-compliant product.

The product we talk about is an optical transmitter/receiver pair and is an important addition to the HDcctv family. It has specific significance for designers of HDcctv-connected systems.
So who are Webgate?

Established in 1997, Webgate has always been at the forefront for new ideas within the world of security and surveillance. Reliable equipment and innovation has always been inherent within Webgate products. The advent of HDcctv has bought them to the forefront of this technology.


Webgate has established security related partnerships with prominent global enterprises such as Samsung, SONY, PENTAX and BOSCH. This has stemmed on development of ideas based on experience learned during successful defence projects and the formation of these partnerships with the giants of the industry is testament to its stability and reliability as a company.

Now, Webgate has now invested heavily in HDcctv solutions and as a result is finding new markets as well as taping into old traditional areas of security surveillance.

The future looks bright for Webgate as indeed it does for HDcctv solutions in general.

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