HD SDI compatability

It has long been known that the HDcctv standard has been developed in order to ensure interoperability between compatible HD SDI equipment but what happens if you test non compliant equipment together? We set out to prove if it mattered or not. The devices we tested were as follows.

The edge bullet camera (C)

The concept pro internal dome

The Qihan bullet camera

The Qihan vandal proof dome

The edge body camera.(C)

These were tested with the following HD SDI DVR’s

The Edge 4 way lite

The FD02 2way Trium

Everfocus 4way EDRHD4 (C)

(C) = HDcctv compliant.

Firstly it was interesting to note that all cameras initially seemed to work with all the recorders. We got pictures and it seemed that all was fine. It has to be said though the although the pictures were massively better than any analogue picture we have ever seen there were some notable variations in image quality. The Edge bullet and the Edge body cameras were clearly better images on all 3 HD SDI DVR’s. The concept Pro came a close second for picture quality but with both the first two camera makes the colour left a little to be desired. The two Qihan cameras had picture quality that seemed slightly less crisp but the colour was undoubtedly better and the pictures with the built in IR was superb both inside and externally.

We then however discovered our first compatibility issue. With the cameras connected to the Edge lite we removed power from all the cameras but when power was restored the Qihan bullet camera refused to boot up unless the coax was disconnected the reconnected. All other cameras including the Qihan dome restored without issue.

We tried different cable lengths and different coaxial connectors. It was clear that we must stay within the 90 meter cable length and no compromise should be made on connectors. Ensure you use HDcctv compliant BNC’s. Don’t compromise on the quality of the power supply!

We continued to test and all the pictures remained of the highest quality but to be fair no other incompatibility issues arose. It did however bring home the one issue we are all aware of. If you sell non HDcctv compliant equipment or mix and match then you will come across potential problems that could cause you issues going forward. The industry must not take this risk and all HD SDi manufacturers should get on board with the Alliance in order to ensure HD SDI continues its epic rise in the CCTV market place.


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