ANPR cameras help protect your premises

ANPR or automatic number plate recognition is starting to attract some serious interest from business across the UK right now. It has always been a hit with car parking management companies . They have effectively deployed and used ANPR cameras and software to generate some handsome revenues for themselves and their clients in recent years. Car parks and private parking areas that for years have been abused by motorists are now very effectively policed using cameras and software to mean that stays of two hours or over are generally punished with fines automatically generated and distributed to drivers by integrating ANPR software in conjunction with with the DVLA database. Parking in your local B&Q while you watch your local team playing football is now effectively a thing of the past. ANPR has exposed several scams where local security guards would take cash in return for allowing parking. We have heard of one guard who effectively lost his £40,000 worth of cash income per annum the minute an ANPR system was deployed at the company he was guarding.

ANPR camera

It’s not just parking though that ANPR is being deployed for now. Hotels can welcome customers and automatically open barriers for them , the channel tunnel has become effectively automated by the use of ANPR systems reducing the need for staff and many trading estates and businesses now use the technology to ensure access is effectively restricted to any unwelcome guests.

Mobile ANPR is also a growing business now. Debt collectors use this technology to “fish” for plates of cars that are  in need of recovery and this business will grow and grow. Finally of course the police can use mobile ANPR to help them enforce the law and ensure all vehicles on the road are legal. Again this possible by integrating their mobile ANPR systems to the DVLA database.


So how does ANPR work ? Well clever software is able to turn a captured CCTV image into text, This is then easily used to integrate into software that can then be used for a number of different purposes, many listed above. With accuracy levels in the order of 96-99 % an ANPR system needs little human intervention. With pulsed infra-red illumination the number plate becomes highly reflective and the camera can easily read that plate day and night , even when headlights are shining directly into the camera. The cameras can also be fitted with instruments capable of measuring speed adding to the control the system gives for site management or safety on public roads.


So if you need to control access to your site or vehicles while on your site, open barriers ,operate welcome signs ,control speed or generate revenue through parking fines an ANPR system is the way forward.


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