HD SDI DVR demonstation

HD SDI CCTV has many things going for it in this age where HD images are becoming very important to you the installer in order upgrade your existing client base. possible though the best thing is just how easily this can be demonstrated to the client. All you need is an HD SDI camera, a 4 way HD SDI recorder, a good 1080p capable monitor, a power supply and a tripod. Put this together and you have a fantastic tool to actually show the images images to an end user.

hd sdi dvr

The power of the dem has been something that all salesmen are acutely aware of. If it goes well ,as a salesman you are halfway there. Once your client has seen what an HD SDI DVR can do for them in terms of quality upgrade they are going to find it hard to go back and look at their rather grainy , half baked analogue images. If you can show images size by side all the better as you can dem just how much more information a 1080p image can gain.

All in all though HD SDI CCTV is starting to compete in terms of cost with analogue. To be fair its not quite there yet but it will be within 2-3 years and with the amount of analogue CCTV that is out there in the field HD SDI may prove the best way to upgrade old worn out equipment and get the benefit of HD images into the bargain.

So if you are looking to sell HD SDI equipment get your dem kit here and start putting ideas into your customers heads



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