Redwall IP sensors

Optex the sensor manufacturer has become the first major supplier of detectors to introduce IP into their sensor range. Optex are taking a bit a of leap into the unknown here. Alarms and IP are not new but normally we would expect to convert a set a clean contacts from our sensing device into an IP format through IP converters and having them built into the sensor device itself certainly negates the need for this conversion process. A possible benefit and cost saving,  perhaps?.

Will this work? There are only certain VMS platforms that can accept the alarms directly and with so many end users keen to take advantage of existing equipment these days we can only see the sensors being specified on totally new installations.

However as IP becomes an ever greater influence on security system designs IP sensors are a logical step but will the demand live up to the expectation?

Below are the list of the Redwall devices available from Optex



REDWALL IP Products Overview

Laser Technology Detector   REDSCAN Series   

REDSCAN is an innovative and award-winning laser sensor for both vertical and horizontal applications (indoor/outdoor). It can identify the size, speed and distance of moving object and functions in effect like an invisible wall: 4 linked outputs for PTZ camera control

Product codesRLS-3060L-POE  RLS-3060SH-POE


  • 4 to 8 independently adjustable detection areas
  • Scene selection
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • IP66 housing

Passive Infrared Detector    REDWALL-V Series

REDWALL–V series is a cost-effective range of PIR detectors especially designed to work with CCTV systems and trigger an alarm for a camera, Network Video Recorder or Video Management Software. Covering a detection area from 30m wide angle to 100m long range the REDWALL-V series is equipped with OPTEX’s latest sensing technologies to reduce false alarms, enable quick and reliable installation, and protect from vandalism.


               Product codesSIP-3020-IP  SIP-4010-IP  SIP-404-IP 

SIP-3020/5-IP  SIP-4010/5-IP   SIP-404/5-IP

SIP-5030-IP    SIP-100-IP


  • Volumetric detection area
  • Intelligent PIR detection system
  • Automatic sensitivity management
  • Anti-masking and anti-rotation function

Photo Beam Detector     REDBEAM Series

REDBEAM is a  series of photo beam detectors that consists of a pair of transmitter and receiver units for line protection.  It can also offer a line detection area similar to a trip wire for video analytics.


           Product codesBM-60QN-IP RBM-100QN-IP RBM-200QN-IP


  • Quad beam with aspherical lenses
  • Sniper viewfinderTM with 2X magnification
  • Vivid interior colour
  • IP65 water proof structure


Fence Protection   REDFIBER Series

The REDFIBER™-IP is a series of networked fibre optic sensor kits to be mounted on a fence or a wall and detect any intrusion attempt. The ready-to-deploy kits include everything from the fibre optic cable in conduit and the Alarm Processing Unit (APU) with the IP adapter to the enclosure box and the wire ties. This makes the REDFIBER-IP series a very reliable and cost-effective fibre optic perimeter solution for small and medium-sized sites.

                       Product code: REDFIBER


  • One or two zone APU
  • Sophisticated algorithms to reduce false alarms caused by wind, small animals etc
  • Optical fibre cable resistant to EMI and corrosion included
  • Enclosure box
  • Wire ties
  • Integration with major VMS providers


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