HD SDI CCTV the future of surveillance in the UK

HD SDI CCTV has become more than just the third way to upgrade to HDcctv images. In many cases it is now considered the only way. If you have a CCTV system that is currently analogue then you can upgrade to HD by re-using existing coax and adding HD SDI cameras and an HD SDI DVR. This is a far more efficient solution than running new cat 5 cable and then upgrading all your analogue cameras to IP.

The images you can view using HD SDI cameras are up to 6 times better than you will have been used to with your analogue CCTV system and customers are being impressed by the improvement they can make to their security systems as a result.There are many reasons that you may wish to chose an HD SDI DVR  over a VMS platform . The overriding reasons though are simplicity and price. With more and more manufacturers latching on to the benefits of HD SDI CCTV the choice of products now being produced is now one that is being exploited by installers.

HD SDI CCTV is ideally suited to 4 ,8 and 16 way installations this is because the maximum cable run without HD SDI extenders is 90 meters. To be fair this is no different to the distance an IP camera can be specified from a switch but the benefit of HD SDI hardware is that is simply plug and play and this is being exploited by CCTV installers especially in the UK. With the ability of remote connection via iPhone and iPads and other smart devices end users can monitor their premises 24 hours a day if they wish. The overriding benefit though is pure HD images. This is the future of CCTV systems and HD SDI DVR’s and cameras is making this transition very easy indeed

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