Samsung have started to advertise and promote their new product line that moves them into the new HD SDI CCTV market place. Previously Samsung have been advocating IP and the benefits that this can deliver in the form of HD. By actively promoting HD SDI technology  built into Samsung’s new HD-SDI cameras and DVR, we can see just how much this is now in the minds of all CCTV professionals.The Samsung HD SDI CCTV solution allows the transmission of uncompressed and non-packetized Full HD (1080P) video over analogue cabling and as a result suits deployment here in the UK because so much coax currently exists here.


The main benefits of HD-SDI technology is that there is zero loss of image data and zero latency when viewing images. Samsung have released two new HD SDI cameras into the market place. These are the SCB-6000 fixed camera and  SCD-6080 internal dome. HD as we know ideally suits many applications especially where HDcctv images are required. Many businesses including airports, ports, banks and casinos will gain a great deal more detail from using HD. This is especially true in situations where it is not always simple or cost effective, to send HD images over an IP network.

So now Samsung has the cameras to produce HD images over coax they have also introduced a four-channel HD SDI DVR. The new SRD-480D DVR offers real-time 1080p across selected channels. When using the DVR on the 720P resolution, real time can be achieved across all channels. Both the new cameras and the Samsung  HD SDI DVR is fully compatible with Samsung’s licence-free Net-i Viewer software. This allows users to view analogue, IP and HD-SDI technologies on one common platform. Installers can now offer their customer base all the benefits of HD megapixel cameras without having to have any specialist knowledge of IP based systems.

The SCB-6000 fixed camera and SCD-6080 internal dome have included as standard Super Noise Reduction (SSNRIII) technology. In addition both are true day/night HD SDI cameras transmitting full HD images up to 100 meters over coax in real-time. With images recorded at 25 frames per second the end user experience is one of seamless movement and high quality HD. Both models are now delivering over five times the image resolution that standard definition analogue cameras are able to achieve.

The maximum transmission distance between the SCB-6000 or the SCD-6080 and the HD SDI DVR is 100 metres, however this can be increased to 200 metres when low-loss L-6CHD coaxial cable is installed. To increase transmission distances even further Samsung intend to  introduce the SPH-120R Repeater very shortly.


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