HD SDI DVR recorders. Is the data safe?

With recent comments in the press about HD cctv and how we manage the data of our HD images it is important to mention that all the fuss is really a back handed compliment to all the manufacture’s of HD SDI cameras and DVR’s. Not long ago CCTV images were so poor the technology itself was questioned as to its usefulness and the uncontrolled spread of cameras into public areas caused ongoing concerns. Now with HD cctv firmly in the news it seems that end users in industry are asking “whats is this all about”?

Well in summary its simple. HD SDI CCTV has finally achieved a standard that is considered by some to be almost too good. Better images though mean more deterrent for crime , better control of working environments, health and safety improvements and better monitoring of manufacturing processes. Add to this airport and train and travel security as well as town centre monitoring and we have product now that will now do the job. HD SDI CCTV is here to stay and with easy upgrades to existing systems using legacy coax we can keep the cost down.

In answer to the question , is the data safe? We say as long as the data controller works within the bounds of the data protection act it will be. So something good here for everyone as long as you are not a believer in the big brother conspiracy of course!!


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