What sets Avigilon apart from other HD IP CCTV systems.

Avigilon first came to the attention of UK installers around 3 years ago when the quality of their products were displayed at IFSEC. It was then that the JPEG 2000 format and their 16 megapixel camera was able to demonstrate what HD could really do for the end user. Since then Avigilon have introduced a number of  H.264 cameras and at the same time they have been building a network of quality installers that can both sell and do justice to their products. All of this now means that Avigilon UK are now taking a large market share of the HD upgrades here in this country.


Avigilon CCTV

The main selling point for Avigilon HD here in the UK is not just the HD cameras that are on offer but the ability to upgrade analogue CCTV systems and bring legacy cameras into their recording platform using very competitively priced 4 way encoders. Avigilon’s video encoder converts a standard analogue video signal into an IP stream, this means you can send the captured digital images over an IP network making best use of existing CCTV systems. This then allows you to view live images from your existing cameras on your IP network. Once the conversion from analogue to IP is made you will then view your cameras using video management software.

Avigilon encoder

Avigilon encoder



Avigilon Control Center is the video management software at the heart of an Avigilon CCTV system and once the analogue conversion is made it is then possible to add IP-based cameras as budget allows. The Avigilon video encoder is the most cost-effective way to migrate your current legacy system to a network-based IP-system. Immediately you will get the significant benefits of a digital CCTV system re-using the investment already made in your current analogue CCTV system. This impressive software allows you to migrate to a fully digital system when you’re ready and includes advanced features making it the most powerful, open HD surveillance platform we have seen. The Avigilon control centre supports an unlimited number of cameras and servers making it ideal for large-scale needs.

Avigilon ACC-4.6 Range

Control centre 5 as it is called has deployed some very impressive features. You will be able to zoom in on objects to get unparalleled images and it is the detail and clarity that sets Avigilon apart from the rest. Read number plates and get quality facial recognition something that would have proved impossible before using your analogue CCTV. Advanced search features within the software save hours of time trawling through video and once you have experienced  Avigilon Control Center using HDSM technology you will be very reluctant to return to analogue CCTV and your old DVR.

Price is of importance of course  and because Avigilon use a scaled approach to upgrades it puts the power back into the hands of the end user exactly how much he wishes to invest at any one time into his security system. However most peoples current conception of HD is that it is expensive. Avigilon are able to quash this by deploying  a highly competitive pricing structure.

If remote viewing is important to you then you can now see everything from everywhere. ACC Mobile lets you monitor your system remotely over any wireless IP network using any Apple or Android device. View live and recorded video from any location with a wireless connection reducing response times.

Avigilon iPhone app

So Avigilon have made huge strides in the UK CCTV market place, perhaps the only thing currently lacking is a full time UK base to reduce delivery times and eliminate import duties. This however in the scheme of things is a small price to pay for what could arguably be said is the best IP HD CCTV system available at present.




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