HD SDI or IP how do you make an informed choice?

The time has come for an upgrade and your company has decided that they want HD CCTV images instead of analogue that has served them well for a number of years but just does not provide the definition that you need anymore.

So how do you decide which path to take for your upgrade? There are so many choices out there and mixed messages. However each site is individual and each company will have their own specific requirements so here are a couple of questions you should be asking before starting.

Do you need the CCTV system to be for one one site or a group of sites spread across the country/world?

If the answer is just one site then you should perhaps be considering HD SDI CCTV, especially if it is an upgrade and you have existing coax in place. If you wish to view the CCTV from anywhere and across several different sites then IP may well be the first port of call.

Do you want to keep existing cameras but upgrade just a few to HD?

Again we have two ways to approach this. We can install a Hybrid HD SDI DVR this will enable us to put new HD SDI cameras on existing coax and leave other analogue in place. Alternatively we can put encoders in place that will convert existing analogue cameras to IP and then add HD IP cameras in our designated new positions. However if existing coaxial infrastructure is in place then HD-SDI CCTV has to be the favorite.

HDcctv alliance logo

By asking yourself the above questions the choice will become clearer and HD SDI is becoming cheaper and cheaper. We would recommend that if you do chose an HD SDI option you look for both cameras and DVRs that have been endorsed by the HDcctv alliance (logo above). The reason is simple, you know it will work. What is more it will always work with any HDcctv approved equipment if you chose to expand in the future.



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