CTRING’s HD-SDI DVR line-up is headed up by the V7304  HD-SDI DVR. CTRING are pushing the fact that the V7304 can record at a maximum recording rate of 30fps at 1080p per channel and has Pentaplex function.

The V7214H is an innovative hybrid standalone DVR which has 2 HD-SDI and 14 Analog Video inputs. This DVR will allow use of the existing ifrastucture of analogue cameras but the intoduction into the system of 2 new HD-SDI cameras for areas that need clearer pictures with just one DVR. CTRING;s high-end HD-SDI DVR is attracting interest from such organizations as financial facilities, casino’s and hospitals where clear images are crucial. Plans are a foot to release the “Low price” lineup of 8 and 16 channel HD-SDI DVRs to adapt to current market needs.

So what do CTRING say about themselves?

“CTRING is a pioneer in the DVR industry and a provider of world-class OEM, ODM DVR solutions to international security markets such as transportation, education, retail, gaming and government areas. Over the years, we were encouraging ourselves to be the leader in innovative DVR solutions by employing a high level of flexibility and forward-thinking principles into the development of our technical and business solutions.

At CTRING, we offer advanced and customized DVR technology and software solutions. The open architecture of our products provides an efficient and well-customized approach through a user-friendly interface. Being flexible and forward-thinking corporate culture encourage us to be a dynamic and innovative workforces that lead a constant development of cutting-edge DVR technologies and a exceptional customer support. In 2010 we launched our own brand, CTR, based on high technology and OEM & ODM experiences of supplying DVRs to world-class security equipment manufacturers and distributors. The launch of CTR brand will bring CTRING one step closer to the world`s best DVR manufacturer.”

A promising player in the HD SDI DVR market place and one we will be keeping an eye on.

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