Qvis have released their latest offering to the HD SDI market place in the form of the Apollo HD SDI DVR.

This 4 channel unit contains a 1 terrabyte hard drive as standard but can be expanded up to 24 TB with the addition of 8 supporting HDDs. Complete with a built in webserver and 4 channel real-time recording@1080p the Apollo HD SDI DVR is able to fit into many applications.

The dual-core CPU is able to present a powerful preview and playback performance. It is also able to perform well on the network to enable remote connection from a Wan or Lan and via the web-server.

Backing up the footage is simple, this can be done either across the network, through an on board USB connection or backed up directly to a DVD.

Alarms and email notification are also included but it should not be forgotten the most important feature are the sharp clear HD quality images that the Apollo Hd SDI DVR supplies to the end user.

If you have not seen HD SDI working yet ask for a dem as the technology is now highly competitive with its HD IP equivalent systems and getting cheaper as new chip technology pushes this type of HD CCTV to the mass CCTV market.

The Qvis HD SDI DVR will retail around the £1200-£1400 mark depending on the size of the hard drive provision and represents excellent value in this fledgling CCTV discipline.

Qvis supply several HD SDI cameras that are directly compatible with the Apollo recorder including a PTZ version and an HD SDI anti vandal camera.



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