WCCTV – Wireless, Rapid Deployable CCTV

One of the interesting finds of IFSEC 2012 was WCCTV

Standing for Wireless CCTV, this UK based company has established a major foothold into the Rapid Deployable CCTV Sector with its range of superb Wireless solutions.

Offering different solutions for differing applications, WCCTV have brought together leading technology from partner manufacturers to provide very unique and individual solutions

One of the VERY neat solutions was the METHANOL powered ‘Tower’ Systems – a liquid fuel powered self contained CCTV Tower, with audio and intruder detection, that can run on silent fuel for upto 6 weeks !!

Utilising the ever popular 360 Vision Predator and transmission from the Xtralis ‘Heitel’ unit, details as follows

WCCTV Standard Tower

Standard Tower

The WCCTV Tower is a complete all in one surveillance solution. The system contains 3G mobile phone technology to allow the transmission of video alarms. It also includes a heavy duty infrared 360 degree pan tilt and 36x zoom camera to allow a remote operator to capture images of any potential intruder and audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur. The Tower also comes with a fall back battery in case the power supply is interrupted. Within the system there is a removable hard disc drive which provides evidential quality images for up to 60 days at 25 frames per second. The Tower can also be used in conjunction with external motion and heat detectors. And can easily be linked, if required, to other legacy on site alarming systems

Methods of Power

WCCTV Towers can be powered via mains or generator. Alternatively fuel cell technology can be used, which can power the systems autonomously for up to 8 weeks. When this supply is near depletion, an alarm is triggered to notify the user that there is a requirement to replace the fuel cell cartridge. WCCTV also provides towers which can be totally relliant on wind and solar energy.

Additional Benefits

In addition to providing site security the WCCTV Tower can also be used as a project management and Health and Safety tool. It is possible for office based personnel to access the cameras during working hours and review the recorded images to solve on site problems and/or check regulations are being followed by personnel and sub contractors.

Secure Networks

WCCTV work in partnership with the mobile phone operators provides its own bespoke privately secure networks. These relationships ensure continuity of supply and also provide cell site upgrade and fault information. Working closely with the mobile phone operators enables WCCTV to ensure its equipment is future proofed.

Another of their great offerings is their ‘Site Dome’ based again on the 360 Vision Black Hawk range

WCCTV 3G Site Dome

Site dome

The new WCCTV 3G Site Dome is an all-in-one mobile site solution containing a camera, 3G & Wifi transmission, detection, a tannoy system and evidential video recording. It is a unique product which, coupled with alarm based monitoring and response, ensures that your site is protected. The portable site dome can be moved around your site to meet your changing needs. It is rapidly deployable and has a universal bracket to allow swift installation to any pole, column or building. The Site Dome can be powered using 110-240 volts AC from the mains supply or 12 volts DC with a 2 hour internal battery pack.

Methods of Transmission

Every WCCTV product contains 3G HSUPA mobile technology , plus an additional transmission medium to maximise flexibility and portability. This unique approach provides the ability to transmit fluid, high-resolution images wirelessly without geographical restrictions, making it truly redeployable.

Each WCCTV system has an IP address allowing it to utilise broadband technology, which offers high-speed, fixed-cost transmission networks for live 24/7 monitoring. Broadband technology is ideal for remote surveillance operations where there is access to a telephone line with broadband connection.

The WCCTV 3G Site Dome can alternatively also be operated on private networks as a LAN-only option.

The Wireless Dome system has Wi-Fi technology built in as standard, which enables cost-free, high speed downloads up to 100m away from a Wi-Fi enabled laptop. As an optional extra it is possible to request long range Wi- Fi, which enables cost-free live monitoring up to 2km (line-of-sight) away from a broadband access point.

Features & Benefits

  • Primarly designed for use in protecting and monitoring construction sites
  • Equipped with a radio receiver enabling up to 8 wireless detectors to be connected to provide an invisible perimeter
  • Backup battery system is charging whilst the site dome is powered and is activated if power is disconnected
  • Alarm is raised on power disconnectionRemote access to live and recorded digital footage
  • 3G HSUPA, WiFi and IP connectivity
  • Unlicensed software, unlimited users at no additional cost

Its worth taking a look over at their Website as we believe Rapid Deployment, particularly in temporary applications such as construction, festivals, demonstrations and also street concerns as seen last year in the riots, will involve more and more of this type of innovative tech !

take a look !!

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