The new Qvis HD SDI DVR and camera range will be on sale and available to buy here in the UK from May 2012. 

The Qvis HD SDI DVR will have lots of juicy features as standard and these will include,

D1 imaging with 25fps recording on all channels.

H.264 compression this will enable the HD SDI DVR to reduce noise interference and in addition will include a de-interlacing feature.

The Qvis HD SDI DVR has intelligent recording technology, this is used to maximise the amount of data that can be held on the hard drive at any one time. With HD SDI the quality of the picture is second to none but the amount storage has to be well managed. Qvis have achieved this here with the Apollo unit.


To give even further flexibility the parameters on each camera can be individually configured. This enhances the use of the audio features and as a result the Qvis HD SDI DVR has lip-sync audio on all channels.

Advanced search facilities allows  motion to be detected across an entire field of view or sub- regions of this with multi channel playback and single step searching meaning all events are easy to find.

The Qvis HD SDI DVR also has all the usual remote access facilities you would expect. Access cam be achieved both from your PC or your mobile device.

This HD SDI DVR gets its powerful performance from a dual-core CPU and can support 8 SATA HDD’s up to 24 TB it also has a built in web-server.

We expect the Qvis HD SDI DVR to retail around the £1300 mark so it will be highly competitive. Qvis also offer  HD SDI cameras within their new range. These include:

The 2MP Qvis HD SDI vandal proof dome.

The 2.1 MP Qvis HD SDI P400 C/W 100 IR leds giving a range of 100M of IR lighting at night.

The 2.1MP Qvis CMOS HD SDI speed dome .

The 3.27 MP Qvis HD SDI mini PTZ

So a small but exciting range of HD SDI products from Qvis available from May this year.





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