Success of the Predator ruggerdised CCTV camera – interview with 360 Vision Technology

We’ve blogged on the Predator from 360 Vision before, but when the opportunity came along to discuss the product further, we grabbed it while we could!

Here we ask Mark Rees, Business Development Director for 360 Vision, what are the reasons for current and future successes with the range.

1: So how are sales of the Predator camera range despite the current economic climate?

Mark: we launched Predator CCTV camera back in late 2010 as an addition to our already established PTZ Dome range. Predator was always going to take some time to get established as the economy was still in difficulty and public spending was being cut in many places appropriate to the product – Predator is a ruggedised and overt PTZ, designed perfectly for town centres, local authority trouble spots and anywhere where a ‘cctv presence’ is necessary. We just found that money was tight so we decided to diversify.

Introducing the White Light (more later) brought us into more deterrent applications and the Thermal Predator particularly gave us an excellent tool for markets abroad.

We now supply in excess of 200 Predators a month all over the world!

White light Predator camera

2: Where are Predators being sold then?

Mark Well, just last week we took an order from a customer for a series of Predator CCTV cameras to be installed on the Kenyan Railway system….another order was for a customer in the US using them into the Oil industry. We are also extensively quoting for projects in the Middle East now in applications such as Oil fields and Border control.

3: Middle East? How?!

Mark This year we attended the superb Intersec expo in Dubai. We were sceptical at first – new region, new client base – but we were delighted with everything about the show. We came away with over 150 very strong project leads and the reception for our products was amazing.

4: Which of the  Predator cameras grabbed their interest then?

Mark The Thermal Predator was well received, we are unique (and patent pending) in that we offer a 640 high resolution thermal core (our competition currently offer 320 maximum) and in addition, we can offer IR and WHITE LIGHT on the combined Thermal and Analogue Predator camera.

Also, we used the show to present our final stage concept, ATEX Predator. This allows us to tie the product into the protected and intrinsically safe Oil, Petroleum and Gas industries – huge in the Middle East! ATEX Predator in Class I & II certification during late Summer 2012

5: Tell us about the White Light and why it has worked well for the range

Mark White Light Predator has surprised and amazed us as to the take up. For the first time since launch, we are seeing a small decline in our established PTZ Dome sales and instead, a transfer to the White Light Predators.

Talking with installers, it makes perfect sense now. Historically, they would install additional lighting to aid the cameras, be it IR for covert or external security lighting for more overt site protection.

With White Light Predator, up to 125m of high intensity White Light LED beam travels with the Predator – almost like a searchlight ! So, if an intruder was spotted, then he/she would have to be incredibly determined or incredibly stupid to continue their activities whilst illuminated!!

Remote Video Monitoring stations have embraced the concept too – it aids their staff in both the additional illumination, but also complementary to the voice annunciations they can make – to be able to say ‘you in the red jumper and blue trousers’ is a powerful message – yes, White Light also gives the ability for colour CCTV images at night, which again, is a big advantage for the quality of recorded evidence.

CCTV 2012

6: How expensive are your IR & White Lights to run and maintain?

Mark because they are all based on high quality LED technology, they are very long lasting, low power consuming and very easy to maintain and replace. I can recall supplying conventional IR lamps way back and the cost to replace their bulbs was extortionate, along with the sometimes short life! LED is a massive step forward.

7: we hear about this ‘Any colour, any quantity’ statement, what does that mean?

Mark It’s a tongue in cheek jibe to our competition – we know a really large manufacturer is not able to provide custom paint finishes unless the quantity is sufficient to alter a large production run. Even though we are selling Predators monthly in the hundreds now, we still offer the facility for the customer to request a specific RAL colour and we will provide it, any quantity!

This is important where the end user is concerned about blending into the surrounding area – we have produced colours for National Trust, Quarries, Woodland and even a JCB Yellow! We even took a stunning Gold Predator to Dubai to show that we really can produce ‘any colour’ !

8: So what about the future of Predator? What developments?

Mark currently right now, we have a stunning Megapixel camera block, with 28x optical zoom ready to deploy inside our IP Predator. All our range has an IP option which again, is currently unique amongst our competitors.

We are looking at Thermal additions with some seriously cool features that will diversify our activities further, but I cannot reveal those just yet!!

And with the ATEX, the materials we are using means we an offer a Stainless Steel version Predator which opens us up to ballistic arenas as well!

9: Integrated CCTV thanks you for your time and looks forward to reporting more on your Predator CCTV camera updates in the future!

Mark you’re welcome !

Many thanks to Mark for a brief insight into the Predator. Being a UK product, built, tested and supported, means that UK based installers benefit from a more ‘local’ company. Here at Integrated CCTV, we think buying British is essential in these difficult economic times, so support British and give the Predator a try!

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