The future of the humble Hard Drive? SSD

Apple, long seen as innovators in the PC world, appear to be moving over more and more the SSD (Solid State Drive).

Reports in the PC industry suggest that the humble HDD could be extinct by as early as 2014, with the SSD replacing it


SSD is a great alternative – fast, efficient, long lasting… working parts either

But… It is still expensive, with a pretty modest 512GB setting you back £400+ !

Capacities aren’t quite there either, but as with HDDs, that’s just a matter of time

Like anything else, volume lowers pricing and with more and more PC manufacturers making the switch to SSD, then pricing will fall….. With increasing volumes, lower prices that will serve to increase the range and options, allowing capacities to increase

There is an extremely good chance that our Security World will benefit from SSD technology inside our DVRs, NVRs and software based recording real soon we reckon!


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