Concept Pro AIR 5026HG CCTV camera

Videcon have got just about everything covered with their new Concept pro AIR range of CCTV cameras. The concept PRO AIR range includes 11 different cameras to chose from. Each of the cameras has been designed to suit different scenarios and all look well built and not out of place when making a choice for a professional installation.

We looked at the AIR5026HG because we needed an analogue camera that could see up to 50 meters at night and came with a varifocal lens in order that we could cater for any view required. The image quality was compared to a Sanyo camera that it was to replace. The first thing we noticed was that the image quality was noticeably better. It was crisper and colour was more defined. The 6- 50 mm lens enabled us to look at various different views and easily accommodated our requirements. The portable plug in programmer that fits into a socket at the bottom of the housing enabled us to easily programme the camera and set up the unit for the very best picture.


What of the night time image? Well this was exceptional and measuring out the IR range it seemed to do a little more than the 50 meters we were expecting. If required this can be extended as Videcon have also produced a bolt on twin IR lamp that will allow the camera to look as far as 80 meters.

Videcon IR bolt on

The housing is very nicely finished and any customer would be pleased with the aesthetics of the AIR5026HG. However the best thing about the new AIR range is the price. Well pitched and with all 11 cameras looking fairly similar, a nice addition to an installing company’s portfolio.

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