Bold Communications integrates Panasonic and Samsung into Gemini

Axis, Panasonic and Samsung are the latest big name manufacturers to be integrated into the Gemini front end CCTV from Bold communications.
Bold communications has already integrated many CCTV, intruder, fire and lone worker monitoring
products into their alarm monitoring control room solution. Gemini allows a large variety of different security systems to be monitored by one common interface allowing the central station operator to easily handle many different alarms with ease.

By displaying pre alarm information, the operator is more easily able to tell the difference between real and false alarms.With the Gemini event centre all alarms are processed by a common interface, this reduces operator training time and means a more professional response to alrm situations.

Sophisticated system features, for example, associating any standard
intruder or fire panel with a remote CCTV system, creates a truly
integrated solution with a high level of intelligent and targeted site
monitoring for your control room.  Gemini is now being specified for a wide variety of security solutions and projects worldwide, a totally integrated CCTV solution offers a high level of targeted response from within the control room.

For over 30 years Bold has been working with central stations developing management systems for
the alarm and CCTV monitoring. Bold now has a reputation within the security industry as a reliable robust solution for central stations with Gemini management software.

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