Hard drive price rises

We asked back in October after the devastating flooding in Thailand if the world was about to run out of hard drives. Well as yet we have not seen any issues of major shortages. However there is a warning sign and that there may be some round the corner and this is in the form of huge price rises.

1 tb hard drive price.

A Western Digital RE4 1TB 3.5″ SATA Internal hard drive has risen in price from just over £72 to a  current high of £216 and the 2 TB version has gone from £129 to an astonishing £323.

1 tb hard drive price

Now some  may say suppliers and manufacturers are profiteering of the back of the disastrous flooding .Other may say its simple economics of supply and demand. However with the prices looking like they are here for some considerable time to come cheap DVRs are a thing of the past and this will definitely slow demand for all things megapixel as storage and falling prices are key to its success.

We will continue to watch the prices of hard drives and keep you up to date as they hopefully begin to fall back towards the summer.


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