Changing security companies

When is it time to change your security provider? Is it better the Devil you know when it involves CCTV, access control and Intruder alarms or, if you don’t shop around are you in danger of paying well over the odds for your security systems?  There are generally two driving forces that make end users look at changing their security providers. The first is the after service they receive, the second is ongoing costs.

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Most companies decide to make a change because they are fed up of service levels they are receiving. Recent economic conditions have meant many security companies have had to make cut backs in order to survive, this invariably leads to poor service. It is also the case that prices have had to be squeezed at point of sale and this often leads to poor installations or the provision of cheaper, sub-standard kit. This can only lead to problems for the end user in the future.

So what is the best advice when choosing both a service provider and installer?

Firstly get references, talk to other companies that have used the security supplier and ask about their weak points and service levels.

Next, run a credit check. A good security company is a solvent one.

Always ensure they belong to an affiliated inspectorate such as the SSAIB or the NSI.

Ask to look at an installation or get a demonstration of their products.

Make sure the goods you buy are not closed protocol, once this type of system is installed you are trapped , going elsewhere for service becomes very difficult.

Always insist on a specification.

Ensure the equipment is of good quality and comes with manufacturers guarantees.

Good installers will have health and safety well covered. Ask for examples of  risk assessments.

Check their insurance meets your needs as a company.


Swapping service providers can be a pain and many security companies will do everything in their power to make things difficult. Not providing codes or central station details will make life tricky and keeping drawings and specifications away from the end user will mean they can’t provide it to third parties to help them formulate a quote . As a customer you have every right to this information, so insist you get it at the point of installation.

At the end of the day, you, the customer have the power to change and seek better value if you are unhappy with your security provider so don’t hesitate to take action, where your companies security is at stake.

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