Grundig HD-SDI CCTV range

Grundig HD-SDI CCTV range.

Grundig has become the latest big name to embrace HD-SDI technology. They have released their new range of HD-SDI cameras, HD-SDI domes and HD-SDI DVR’s.
Grundig the German electronics manufacturer are claiming that HD-SDI CCTV will prove a major break through in the security industry. Now we have been advocating this for sometime, however as each day passes more of the larger names in the security industry are showing their hand with new HD-SDI CCTV equipment being released into the marketplace.

HD SDI DVR from Grundig
Grundig have stated in their latest press release “HD-SDI CCTV is a major breakthrough in the security industry. It enables the transmission of uncompressed digital video at a higher quality than IP, yet uses the same simple installation method as analogue coaxial cable. It also does not require expert IT support”.
Grundig’s senior product manager, Andreas Kronwald, explains: “Grundig’s HD-SDI products operate at 1080p progressive scan, 1980 x 1080 pixel resolution and 50 / 60 fps. This compares to D1 resolution at 720 x 576 pixels and IP megapixel cameras at 1280 x 1024 pixels. The recorders support 120 fps and offer up to a massive 64 TB of storage. Unlike IP CCTV, HD-SDI uses no compression at all, so image quality is optimized. It even enables installers to offer a digital upgrade to analogue systems, re-using the existing coaxial cable infrastructure to save money”.

Well  we need to see what price Grundig can market their HD SDI CCTV product for , however the competition is hotting up and prices will fall as a result.
Grundig’s spokesman continued “HD-SDI is presented in 16:9, widescreen format, meaning no black bars appear on monitors. Transmission distances are currently 100m and similar to IP. However, developments in SDI-specific, fibre optic transmission systems are extending transmission distances to many kilometres”.
Grundig have made clear that an HD-SDI CCTV system can still be connected to an IP network enabling all the features you could expect from a standard DVR that was remotely monitored. Grundig’s approach is to emphasise to end users the ease of installation and they claim that. “HD-SDI a CCTV not IP, with limited external access. It is intrinsically safe, far simpler to protect, ideal for installers and very effective in security applications”.
This entrance into the Market place from Grundig comes hot on the heals of the Samsung SRD480D and its HD SDI camera the SCB-6000 all very encouraging for the advancement of HD SDI CCTV as a technology that could soon bring HD to the smaller CCTV installer and their customers.


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