SRD-480D HD SDI DVR from Samsung

Samsung’s new HD-SDI DVR and HD SDI cameras can now deliver all the benefits of Full HD over RG 59 coax cabling

HD CCTV is generally thought of as being a product that can only be delivered over a network using Megapixel IP cameras together with some sort of video management software of NVR, However now Samsung have produced an HD CCTV solution that will find much popularity with CCTV installers especially here in the UK.The capture, viewing and recording of high definition images can now be achieved with the combination of the SCB 6000 HD SDI camera and the SRD-480D HD SDI DVR. The technology built into Samsung’s new HD SDI cameras and HD SDI DVR will allow the transmission of uncompressed and non-packetized Full HD (1080P) video over analogue cabling.

 HD-SDI technology has the benefit that there is zero loss of image data and zero latency when viewing images. The new SCB-6000 fixed camera and  SCD-6080 internal dome are two HD SDI cameras that can be used in applications where evidence grade images are required but where is it not viable or cost effective, to transmit the images over a network. All sorts of businesses have expressed interest especially airports casinos and retail outlets.

The HD-SDI four-channel SRD-480D DVR which offers real-time 1080p across selected channels or real-time at 720p resolution across all channels will be released by Samsung in Q1 2012 and is being much anticipated

The Samsung HD-SDI solution is fully compatible with Samsung’s licence-free Net-i Viewer software allowing users to view analogue, network and HD-SDI technologies on one common platform giving flexibility to CCTV installers

The SCB-6000 fixed camera is a true day/night HD SDI camera able to capture  Full HD images up to 100 meters over analogue cabling in real-time at 25 frames per second whilst still able to deliver five times the image resolution that standard definition analogue cameras are capable of.

The maximum transmission distance between the SCB-6000 or the SCD-6080 and a recording device can be increased to 200 metres when low-loss L-6CHD coaxial cable is installed. In addition for larger installations  transmission distance can be extended using SPH-120R Repeater.

The HD-SDI range is supplied with full support services from Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd and includes free technical support and a full three-year warranty.

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