Paxton price rise

Paxton price rise

Paxton have announced that they will be raising their prices as of Jan 1st 2012. Although this headline price rise is true there are also price cuts as well. Having seen the prices it seems that in reality Paxton are encouraging installers to move away from the NET2 classic (price rise in excess of 12%) and push people towards IP technology and the NET2 plus (price reduction of around 5%).

Paxton price rise

In fact all the NET2 plus products have seen a reduction. However as we found out in the summer Paxton are really looking to maximise profits on their Professional software that now includes all the advanced features you would expect from a top access control package. The software has seen a Paxton price rise of around 30%…ouch!

Paxton Net2 reader price rise

Vandal resistant readers up nearly 60%, Card starter pack up 60%, reader cable up nearly 50%, NET2 232/485 converter is up a staggering 89% and 12volt 1A psu has nearly doubled in price. Why are Paxton doing this now? especially when end users are so sensitive to price? It is generally agreed that Paxton is the number one access control solution in the UK so it seems perhaps a little shortsighted to make installers look elsewhere when they have had no reason to do this before.

Paxton Net2 controller price rise

We will monitor the situation carefully over the next few months but we would not be surprised to actually see a reversal in some of these price  rises sooner rather than later.


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