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MAXPRO® NVR XE (Xpress Edition)

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MAXPRO® NVR XE coupled with Honeywell’s new Performance Series IP Cameras 

Honeywell’s MAXPRO® NVR XE is an ideal solution for entry into IP video surveillance systems. MAXPRO NVR XE utilises Honeywell’s HD cameras to offer a powerful high definition IP recording and security monitoring system for small installations. MAXPRO NVR XE offers the advantage of HD quality IP video but is as easy as a DVR to setup and operate for a seamless transition from analogue to IP.

MAXPRO NVR XE comes pre-installed with all required software and is also pre-licensed for either 8 or 16 channels allowing up to 16 cameras to be added anytime later as your system grows. This, along with an easy three-step wizard to live video for auto configuration makes installing an IP system quick and efficient without requiring any IT expertise. Simple and logical configuration pages make set-up easy even for the novice installer.

The MAXPRO NVR XE user interface is based on MAXPRO VMS, which offers a feature rich user experience. This familiar interface allows for the ‘learn one, know them all’ concept that allows for user comfort with a broad range of Honeywell products.

MAXPRO NVR XE supports simultaneous recording, live monitoring search and system management for up to 16 IP cameras including high definition formats.

MAXPRO NVR XE utilises powerful processor and memory technology supporting multiple simultaneous operations such as video recording and video viewing or alarm monitoring on the unit itself without the need for an additional workstation and also provides the option of remote monitoring. End users can view live video while simultaneously performing searches. Multiple units may be deployed for system expansion and multiple instances of client software can be run on the same workstation PC for simultaneous viewing of multiple units.

MAXPRO NVR XE also offers advanced features useful to entry level customers. Honeywell’s patented Video Surround feature provides the ability to track subjects of interest as they move between areas covered by adjacent cameras by simply double-clicking on the panel where the subject is currently visible. Features such as the powerful preview search and film strip view allow for rapidly searching video for scenes of interest and then quick export method transfers video to an authenticated video clip playable through Windows Media player.

Market Opportunities
The continual growth of cost-effective IP networks and the demand for HD video offered by IP cameras have led to the need for entry level IP surveillance solutions. This has resulted in a strong demand for an all-IP end-to-end security system deployment. MAXPRO NVR XE provides an easy entry into IP-based systems and the operational power to address the needs of a wide variety of applications including healthcare clinics, small commercial and retail, property management and many other applications.

Key Benefits

  • As easy to install and operate as a DVR – no IT expertise required
  • Reduced security threats with HD quality video
  • Quick to install – three steps to live video
  • Local display – no PC needed
  • Allows for system growth by supporting 16 cameras that can be added anytime
  • Low cable cost


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Part No. Description

HNM8XE1T0X MAXPRO NVR XE 8 Channel, NVR, Local Monitoring Display, 1 TB, DVD-RW, GIG Ethernet, PSIA Compliant
HNM16XE1T0X MAXPRO NVR XE 16 Channel, NVR, Local Monitoring Display, 1 TB, DVD-RW, GIG Ethernet, PSIA Compliant
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