Thermal security cameras

Thermal security cameras are slowly but surely becoming a very powerful tool in the security specifiers armory. FLIR, long time leaders in thermal camera technology have now been able to produce thermal security cameras that have not only become cost effective but seriously enhance security solutions especially when combined with analytics. So what are the advantages of specifying Thermal security cameras over CCTV with traditional lighting.

thermal security camera images

Well firstly Thermal security cameras offer what can only be described as FULL AWARENESS they are able to see beyond what would be expected of  a normal CCTV camera paired with white led floodlighting or IR floods. The beauty of  being able to use the camera with equal effect in broad daylight or absolute darkness in practically any weather conditions means that any site with a security requirement that demands a  100% detection rate will always demand thermal security cameras be used.

Now any camera needs tools to help the end user identify an intrusion, Using Thermal security cameras with analytics is very close to the ultimate solution. Technology though has really started to move on with thermal being introduced into robust ruggedized PTZ cameras. We see the 4 makes below as the leaders in the market place right now.

FLIR thermal security camera…………..FLIR

FLIR PT-series thermal security camera

Predator thermal security camera…… 360 Vision Technology

Predator thermal security camera




Mic thermal security camera……………Bosch

MIC thermal security camera


C-AllView thermal security camera……Ganz

C-AllView Ganz thermal security camera


Of course Thermal security cameras are proportionally far more expensive than a traditional PTZ IR solution but the advantages of thermal  and the relative reduction in price is making this solution affordable to many security managers. The number one application for thermal security cameras is perimeter protection. However harbour masters, airports, oil refineries and quarries have all found that thermal is the way forward.

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