Fingerprint entry reader from iEvo the new MICRO

ievo have announced the release of their new fingerprint entry reader, the new Micro. The Micro is designed to give end users the opportunity to replace their internal access control readers with a more secure solution. The micro is fast, reliable and accurate and can be both mullion or surface mount to suit the aesthetics of the building.

fingerprint door entry reader

The main goal of  ievo is to pick up business by saving end users money in the long run on Fobs and cards that can be such a cost burden on today’s access control solutions. In addition the Micro can genuinely claim to increase security as well as being able to manage up to 8000 fingerprints. Specifically designed for internal use only the Micro also comes in a multitude of different colours.

The micro also integrates seamlessly into Paxton, ACT, BSB and Nortech. Other manufacturers can also be  linked into and ievo can give you more information on this on request. The biometric fingerprint entry reader is going to be popular with specifiers because it gives a competitive solution that can genuinely improve existing access control installations. Good looking and able to fit almost anywhere ievo have orders for the Micro prior to their release in the new year.

Multi-spectral imaging technology is what is used to ensure the Micro reads every time. Grease ,dirt, dust or moisture has little effect on read accuracy.

So ievo have continued to evolve and now with this cost effective internal fingerprint door reader they have ensured  that they will continue to be an important supplier for those looking for a biometric solution.

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