Norbain promote IP CCTV solutions in the UK

Selling CCTV in the UK today is interesting to say the least. We have options available today that allow us to integrate all sorts of solutions together. So its with interest that we read the comments of Barry Shakespeare in this months copy of Security matters. In the November edition Barry looks towards the future and predicts what Norbain see as the way forward and talks about how they are preparing for changing times ahead.

Norbain managing director

Norbain see IP as the way forward

It is well known that Mr Shakespeare has come from a IP background and it is perfectly understandable that he backs IP as the way forward. His beliefs are of course backed up by all the big manufacturers who themselves have committed to IP as the future upgrade path for both IP video and integrated security solutions.
Last week Norbain held a seminar where they were able to talk about the benefits of IP and allow their industry partners to demonstrate their wares to installers and integrators alike. IP was the strong theme and during the course of the presentation Barry predicted that IP would reach tipping point at sometime around the end of 2013. Now we have heard this before and there is no doubt more and more end users are becoming aware that when the time comes for upgrade then IP is probably the way to go.

Installers struggle with IP ?

The same however cannot be said about those installing CCTV solutions. It was surprising that so many of the invited delegates did not install IP as their first preference and many had suffered some pretty bad experiences when trying to “get with the times”. The launch of Norbain’s own IP centre of excellence to train their staff can only help those troubled installers who seem to struggle to move on. Also other concepts that Norbain are introducing such as innovation centres and services that include pre-tested and configured IP CCTV systems will certainly encourage sales.

HDcctv makes a quiet appearance .

Perhaps though the most interesting thing that was not really touched upon was HDcctv and the opportunity to installers that this offered. Only quietly promoted were the new offerings of HDcctv DVR’s from both Samsung and Vista / Norbain themselves that allows HD over coax. It is our belief that HD will drive sales not IP. Until now IP has been the only way deliver HD to end users so its no surprise that IP has been hailed as the future. Remember however, the UK is a mature market place. Many millions of pounds have been invested in a coaxial infrastructure, why throw this investment away. Realistically recession is round the corner, just when we thought we were out of the woods. New system sales will be hard to come by so the salesman that can demonstrate improved quality and performance (HD) over an existing network has to have the commercial advantage when selling CCTV solutions in the coming months and years.


We don’t see 2013 as the tipping point to IP. We don’t see 2013 as the end of analogue CCTV. We see 2013 as the tipping point to HD CCTV and the only question is how will that be delivered into the UK CCTV market place. Will it be HD over IP or will it be HD over coax? Answer that question and that will be where the real money will be made installing CCTV over the next 5 years.

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