Prevent metal theft .360 vision White light Predator camera casts more light on the situation.

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Predator installed in another Town Centre

360 Vision captured yet another town centre project, supplying 20 Predator units for upgrade to a major town centre system……………

Predator chosen ahead of competitors!

360 Vision’s Predator was recently selected ahead of competition from Bosch and Ganz to be installed at prestigious chemical plant near Chester. The installer in question chose Predator as it offered support and service from a UK based design and manufacturer, along with features not available on other conceptually similar products

360 Launch Enhanced Patented White Light Predator & Long Range IR Predator

White light predator camera

360 Vision Technology have announced the immediate release of  Enhanced Patented White Light Predator camera & Long Range IR Predator camera– featuring embedded mixed technology High Intensity IR Light and White Light to give true Colour at Night CCTV images and fantastic deterrent value!

The New Combined Technology White Light Predator camera has the capability to give the customer full video colour images to at up to 120m. This is achieved by enabling a high intensity White LED Light on alarm, but also using the combined dual IR lamps  to provide full video monochrome images at distances of up to 120m. an industry first for deterrent + quality images.

The White light predator is unique and the deterrent value it gives is second to none. With the ability to either automate or control through an operator. The white light feature offers a search light effect that not only causes intruders extreme discomfort when captured in its intense beam but clear crisp images for the authorities to use after an event. This is unique in the world of security. Metal theft is one area that will see a reduction as a result of this combined technology.

The New IR150 Predator can deliver full video monochrome images to 150m – completely unique and previously unheard of on comparable PTZ camera products!

Predator camera cost


Patented Technology

Predator CCTV cameras use Patented technology in this British made 360 vision product. lights are only ever switched on when the camera itself determines that light levels make this a necessity.Other systems use less than accurate methods. These generally include timer switches or photo electric cells. there is of course always the option for manual control.

Reduced power consumption is yet another reason to deploy the 360 vision Predator camera.Utilising high beam but low power LEDs, both White Light and IR offers installers and end users alike the ability to reduce costs through reduced power consumption.


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