White light Predator camera proves the future is getting brighter

The white light Predator camera was always a very clever idea. The ultimate electronic deterrent package combines great design with a powerful camera that has a 28:1 zoom lens and two light sources. IR for covert night time observation and a switchable white light LED arrangement to deter criminals by employing a Search light effect.

White light Predator camera

The white light is such a unique and effective deterrent that even CCTV professionals who have been in the industry for many years are agreed they have not seen such a powerful tool for removing unwelcome intruders from secure sites than this. However there is more. As of next week the IR and white light capability is about to get even better.

360 vision technology are soon to release a 120m white/ir light hat for Predator camera. This will include 120m of IR light as well as the 120m of white light. There will also be a 150m IR unit. This is due to be released next week.
This will probably mean the 40m IR version will be discontinued. The 70m IR may also be phased out. The increase in performance is great news for installers who already use the white light Predator camera but for those who are yet to experience the brilliance of this deterrent camera we encourage you to contact us for more details on just how you can get hold of it.

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