ADPRO Presidium

ADPRO Presidium is the new approach to analytics by Xtralis. Perimeter protection has always been Adpro’s forte and they know that preventing problems at the perimeter is the key to reducing losses and crime. Adpro are advocating a combination of technologies in order to maximise detection and minimise false alarms.

Adpro Presidium

Adpro in order to achieve this goal have released iLIDS approved analytics under the name of Presidium. This is a stable platform and having seen a demonstration of this technology in action it is clearly going to help ADPRO sell both the rack mount version and the Presidium mini. As their second line of defence  there is the ADPRO PRO series PIRs. Those previously familiar with the PRO series will know that they always struggled with limited coverage patterns. Not anymore, lots of different coverage patterns generated by precise mirror  technology mean plenty of choice for the CCTV installer.

Adpro mini

A proactive approach is of course crucial in the event of an intrusion. By using Presidium analytics the central station can rely on accurate information and very few false activations. Analytics means that the event must be within the view of the camera however the presidium can be tripped externally by an input from a PRO PIR and this means 100% accuracy from a confirmed alarm.

The Presidium  comes in the form of a rack mount unit purpose built with embedded software. It is in a modular format with 2 independent camera inputs per VM15 unit . Each output displays on screen information of events as they unfold. Confident in their product it comes with a 24 month warranty and of course is networkable.

The Adpro Presiduim is easily integrated with other Adpro products such as fast trace and Fasttrace 2. As we mentioned before the product is i-LIDS approved as a primary system for use in sterile zone monitoring applications this is because the advanced algorithms enable the Presidium to operate in all sorts of conditions and is wind and rain immune.

With other features such as directional object detection this product is ideal when conditions make sensors too expensive or difficult to install . In fact careful analysis may find it is a cheaper solution than PIR detection.

Adpro continue to commit their range to external security and fast reliable transmission devices. They have always been market leaders and other than their “lost period” a few years ago we know  every product they produce is truly rock solid.


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