Pyronix Enforcer wireless intruder alarm panel

Wireless intruder alarm panels have been around for many years nows. Scantronic in the dim distant past were pioneers of this technology but to be fair the wireless intruder alarm solution never cut it in the early days. PP9 batteries were the only effective way to power the sensors and these sensors were the equivalent to an electric fire in terms of current draw compared to some of the devices available today. Even so as technology has continued to improve wireless intruder alarms do not seem to have picked up as much of the UK market as perhaps they should. Wireless surveys were always involved and the properties that best suited in terms of a radio solution ie those most difficult to get cables round always seemed to come with thick stone walls meaning radio would not work anyway.

The NSI may also be to blame. Strict criteria in terms of how an intruder alarm should be installed and class 6 radio being the only accepted way of achieving a policed response meant that often , even though it may involve more effort in the first place, a hardwired solution was ultimately better in the long run, for both reliability and easier maintenance and of course no 6 monthly battery changes.

Enforcer wireless intruder alarm

Fast forward to 2010 and Pyronix announce the release of the Enforcer wireless alarm panel. So how would this differ from older less reliable wireless alarm systems? Well the sensors now draw micro amps and battery technology has moved on leaps and bounds, this means at the sensor end at least many of the problems of the early days have been eliminated. With the new Enforcer wireless alarm, Pyronix designed a new two way wireless communication system. This means that the sensor devices are both transmitters and receivers, this eliminates all previous problems such data clashes and means the monitoring of each device is far more reliable.

The Enforcer is a 32 zone panel  and includes 2 hardwired inputs and 3 hardwired outputs. Because the Enforcer uses two way radio links it has a far more intelligent jamming technology detection, something that was a major downfall in earlier wireless intruder alarm panels. The panel has been specifically designed for easy installation and much of the programming has been simplified. The goal Pyronix is trying to achieve is, mount the panel, connect the power, link in the phone line and the system is ready to program, an installers dream really.

So if you are an installer who has had his fingers badly burned in the past by poor wireless intruder alarm solutions that did not work , here is a chance to try the Pyronix Enforcer a new type of wireless technology and a solution that should get installers thinking again about Wireless intruder alarms once again.


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