Paxton energy saving reader

Paxton, always a company that likes to promote innovation are currently promoting their energy saving reader. The Paxton energy saving reader is designed specifically to help Paxton users reduce energy waste and save money on electricity bills. It is a fairly simplistic in design. Once inserted, the card toggles a relay that is connected to all the equipment in the room that needs to be enabled. The reader is designed to retain the card that will then toggle the relay again when removed thus isolating the supply to the room in question.

paxton energy saving reader

Paxton energy saving reader

The idea behind the reader and why it works so well is because the user will always remove his card when exiting the room because he will need it to move freely around the building opening other access controlled doors. This concept can also work on machinery both saving energy and restricting access to only those who are authorised to use that machine. Any company reviewing health and safety should consider this option.

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