Here at HD SDI DVR we will be reviewing all the latest additions to the HD SDI DVR and camera market place. With this technology evolving at at a rapid rate we discover whats good , whats new and even what to avoid. So save the URL and wait for regular updates of what is available from HD SDI DVR manufacturers.

HDCCTV is a relatively new technology only coming to prominence in 2009. The HDCCTV alliance is at the forefront of promoting HDCCTV and has worked hard to standardize the technology.

Much of the UK market place is still very much an analogue platform and HD images have so far only been achieved using IP CCTV systems. Now however HDCCTV over coax is seen by many as the way forward especially in countries where legacy coax is prominent. However as the HDCCTV technology develops UTP cable is also now able to be used. This opens up vast opportunities to installers to upgrade their customers to HD at a highly competitive and realistically affordable prices.

So HDCCTV cameras and HD SDI DVR s will soon be competing against IPCCTV to provide HD images to CCTV security systems across the UK and Europe


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