HDCCTV or IP Megapixel. What is the difference?

Viewing some HD SDI CCTV images the other day from a new Calsys HD SDI DVR and camera set up, it raised a question amongst my colleagues as to why, if you could have such clear precise pictures from HD SDI 1080p cameras, would you ever need anything more? HD is HD is it not? Do we need more resolution for a commercial CCTV system?

5,10,even 16 megapixel cameras are available, it has even been mooted that a gigapixel camera is now out there somewhere, but in the real world , in a proper sales environment, can the extra pixels be justified?

Of course the answer is yes – there will always be a situation that demands the very highest quality image and the maximum amount of performance from a fixed lens that in turn can then be zoomed into without loss of definition.

However, we live in the world of needing sales every week to survive. We need a concept that can give HD images as the general public perceive them and supply into applications such as retail, reception areas, small yards, petrol stations, garden centres, boat yards, transport depots and so on.

In the real world people now want HDCCTV. It is a proven concept and one that is desirable rather than a grudge purchase. Customers, however, have limitations on budgets and there are far more corner shops, petrol stations and garden centres out there than there are multimillion pound football stadiums or airports that of course may well benefit from a 16MP camera and an IP solution.

In the UK there are also many thousands of legacy analogue CCTV systems all wired in RG59 coax and all screaming out for one or two HD cameras to compliment their analogue CCTV system. So is the Hybrid HD SDI DVR going to provide a solution here in the UK amongst a public who are drooling over the quality of HD TV? A public that are also highly aware that any purchase must fall within stringent budgets, we are after all a nation up to our necks in debt!

The answer is an unequivocal yes. So HDCCTV fits the UK perfectly, as for the rest of the world ,who knows. Actually who cares…we live here and sell here so will recommend what will suit our market place. In the UK that is an HDCCTV solution.


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