UK riots and CCTV images

Riots across the UK are an absolute disgrace.

CCTV images of riots

Can we get a conviction from this kind of quality image?

The vast majority of the citizens of this country feel total repulsion for these rioters and what they are doing to the law abiding shop keepers and people of this country. But what of the aftermath? How are these youths going to be bought to justice? Well CCTV of course! But we have a problem. Most youths are aware that CCTV cameras are everywhere and are suitably covered up concealing their faces. Also how many systems actually comply to the point where they could be used as evidence in a court of law. Finally lets be honest, is analogue CCTV really good enough to convict anyone even if they don’t wear hoodies? The answer is of course in most cases no. A sad indictment of CCTV being installed by non professional CCTV companies, electricians or  DIY CCTV systems. In effect CCTV on the cheap!!!.

UK riots and CCTV images.

When will people learn that they have to install CCTV properly to actually get results when they really need them. This of course does not address the issue of analogue CCTV images and the lack of quality this this provides for evidential purposes. The answer of course is HDCCTV whether it be IP megapixel cameras or HD SDI CCTV. Now, this may not see faces of hooded youths but it can identify the logos and distinctive markings on their clothing. It can also easily see the stolen goods in their hands and match the two giving strong evidence to present in court.We must also ensure all CCTV systems comply with the data protection act and watermarking  of the video is in place. Then and only then can we get a conviction.

We must address poor images and badly installed CCTV. We can improve quality and we must ensure all new CCTV is installed to pre-qualified standards. Most of all we have to use new technology and wherever financially possible, use HDCCTV quality cameras and recorders.

One Response to “UK riots and CCTV images”

  1. David Smith says:

    A country that with-stood the World Wars, and all other battles has been distroyed by a large crowd of Unemployed Yobs and Thugs! Buildings and businesses that have been standing since the 18th century have been burnt to ash and businesses shut down!

    I guess its a good thing CCTV is as dominant a security system today, so these Yobs and Thugs can be arrested and brought to justice for what they have done!