Paxton Net2 pro software

Paxton have launched an initiative to encourage installers to up-sell their redeveloped Net 2 pro software to end users. In this all new software package the Net 2 pro, a product that now retails at £385 +vat, has new features such building control and HR processes. This is in addition to an already feature rich package that includes the following.

Paxton Net2 controller

Free upgrades.

Multiple end stations

Site graphics

Intruder alarm integration

Anti pass back

Integrated CCTV compatibility

Triggers and actions

Fire alarm integration

Welcome page (customizable)

Card designer

iPhone apps

Roll call and muster reporting.

Net 2 anywhere web access

Paxton have also ensured that they still provide a free version of software for those who do not wish to upgrade. This is called Net 2 Lite and is available for download only.

This software is ideal for sites that require total simplicity and and basic access control only.

So Paxton have set out their stall for this year. Up-sell software together with highly competitive, reliable access control equipment. Over the last 5 years there has been little doubt that Paxton Net2 is the leading access control company in the UK. looks like with some of their new offerings they a making a dent into some of the specialized software we see out there as there is little this product can’t now do.

Have you installed a Paxton access control system  in the last year? How do you rate this company and their products? Would you recommend them? Let us know.


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