IntegratedCCTV – Tell us what you think!

Seems like our BlogAdmin has been provoking some stimulating feedback recently on Twitter!

Well, he’s gone off on his jolly’s for a couple of weeks, leaving the helm with us instead!

We here at IntegratedCCTV simply want to use this Blog as a sounding board for our OPINIONS regarding the state and position of our industry – sure, as has been levelled at us, we are UK based, we may not be the most advanced country in the World for adopting the latest and greatest technology, but this does not mean we do not have an opinion to offer.

Every country region has its own level of expertise and product take up – this happens in any industry with any technology.

We, as UK residents, have been accused of lagging behind in IP take-up – this is not without foundation and probably quite true. I wouldn’t say that its not without trying, but when a professional installation industry is hell bent on sticking to copper, then IP is always going to be the domain of the IT industry to  move into the Security industry for the technology to gain traction.

Whilst talking about ‘lagging’ behind, we should really exploit our considerably better nationwide ADSL/Cable infrastructure to improve our IP CCTV market – countries like the US are actually lagging behind us with slower and more expensive internet connections, yet their IP take-up is higher than ours.

Perhaps countries like the US are simply able to adopt what’s new and interesting better than we can? Maybe we in the UK hang on until something has been tried, tested and actually reliable?

And, on the subject of feedback, it would appear that we are also criticised about our presentation and grammar here on IntegratedCCTV. For my part, I cannot see the relevance or importance of this within an informal blog – the purpose being to lay down our thoughts and yes, our musings. Whilst some may think we are some form of  ‘authoritative voice’ we are not, we are merely looking to impart thought and word. Unlike many, we do not charge for the information we like to bring and long may that continue.

So, whilst we appreciate criticism, it should be constructive and polite – you know the saying, if you can do better………..


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