CCTV facial recognition and access control using the WJ-NV200

Here is a thought . Could the next generation of access control be completely free of any kind of intervention from the subject being granted access through the door. Consider this,  we will take a couple of Panasonic products from the iPro range and integrate these together in order that we may open doors. Using the Panasonic WV-SF346 vandal resistant dome camera and the WJ-NV200 NVR, the technology now exists to allow us to integrate doors into camera systems.

panasonic WJ-NV200


By using the facial recognition features with the WJ-NV200 we can open doors as a subject approaches. As long as his face is a match and he has access rights granted. So what type of advantages does this integrated access control system offer to the end user. No more expensive cards or tag systems. Video evidence of the time and date the subject passes through the door and simplicity with no expensive biometric readers or card readers. The route of facial recognition to open doors brings a high tec cost effective access control solution that many end users may buy into into. Just a thought!!!

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