Pyronix enforcer wireless smoke detector

Pyronix have released a wireless smoke detector that links up to the Enforcer wireless control panel.

Pyronix /Castle are expanding on their new Enforcer wireless intruder alarm panel and have now introduced a fire detector option into the range. This is another added feature makes it different from other wireless intruder alarms and yet another of benefit of an intruder alarm  that has taken the market place by storm mainly because the new panel features Bi-directional wireless. This specially designed benefit helps keep the number of wireless signals bouncing around the premises to a minimum. Add to this the fact that it will also help conserve battery life and we have a panel that is selling well.

The Pyronix Enforcer panel is a 32 way unit and has been actively competing  against Risco, who, until now have been the undisputed number 1 in this field of wireless technology. The Enforcer Uses euro mini programming already proven out in the field and is a favorite with engineers. The Pyronix enforcer comes with built in PSU and battery back up so no additional costs there. Probably though the feature that will increase sales further is the data bell box which is is also wireless however if the installation allows, the bell box can  be powered locally. If the need arises we can also have 2 zones that can be hardwired should any existing door contacts need to be re used .


The Pyronix Enforcer is generically a  grade 2 rated control panel under EN50131-1 directives and this means that it can be policed. This would normally be done via the integrated digicom. The remote to be either hardwired or radio and the range of the radio signals, although always subject to survey is expected to be at least 50m from the panels.

In order for this panel to be sold beyond the domestic market place for which it has been originally designed Pyronix have planned that they will try to get the wireless platform integrated into the euro 46 panel .

So we now have the wireless smoke detector to compliment the rest of the features and benefits already within the Pyronix enforcer wireless control panel. Another reason to buy this very competitively priced little panel.


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