Thermal CCTV will help with Olympic 2012 security

Thermal CCTV is fast becoming the answer to many things. Using thermal imaging cameras, Fire fighters use it to save lives as do coastguards and mountain rescue teams. Drug growers live in constant fear of it and Police forces across the UK use it to track down thieves and criminals.We are now finding that Thermal CCTV to protect premises and boundaries in commercial situations is fast becoming affordable. The explosion in thermal CCTV sales however will be through the needs that will arise during the  2012 London Olympics. Perimeter protection will be crucial. Many of the events will be held in areas that will be difficult if not impossible to secure. As security advisers countrywide are now deep into into their security projects based on protecting events and arenas they have concluded that thermal CCTV is going to be an integral part of their plans.

Thermal CCTV

Thermal CCTV is here

Images generated from thermal CCTV cameras are not affected by the usual issues we associate with perimeter protection. Rain, fog, absence of light all become irrelevant and an intruder is easily picked out and dealt with. There really is no place to hide from thermal CCTV cameras if you are an unwanted intruder.

So what about the cost? Well this varies depending on the sort of distance and image clarity you seek. However, budget for anything between £3000 and £15,000 per camera and if you want analytics then you should budget at least a further £1000 per camera. Not cheap you may think but to be fair the effectiveness is worth the additional money but when you take into account fixed beams or sensors along a large perimeter then the costs start to balance out.

Thermal CCTV is also getting cheaper . Soon we expect that it will become the most commercially viable way of protecting your perimeter. So if you would like an idea of cost contact us and we can advise you.


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