Avigilon Resellers.

Avigilon are a proactive company. As a result Avigilon resellers have major advantages over their opposition because of the high quality of this progressive Canadian companies IP surveillance portfolio. NVMS, Avigilon’s video management software solution is one of the best on the market and Avigilon boast the 16 megapixel HD professional IP camera in its formidable range.This camera has been designed to integrate with NVMS and High Definition NVRs by using network equipment and delivers an unmatched performance, it is easy to install and uses network switches to give it power over the Ethernet.

Avigilon Camera HD Pro

Avigilon CCTV

Avigilon resellers are backed with unrivalled support from the company. We interviewed Rick Ramsey of Avigilon to find out why resellers should be so confident about their future and the IP surveillance systems they are selling.


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