HD SDI DVR review

HD SDI DVR review.

HDCCTV has arrived in the UK and is here to stay. That is the opinion of Benchmark magazine that recently reviewed the Everfocus EPHD08 HD SDI DVR. They were able to carry out a full test and review of the Everfocus offering and came up with some observations that were most interesting. The unit they say was well made and was simple and quick to set up. Installation was easy and the Picture quality was most impressive.

However their summary that HDCCTV will break the mould when it actually comes to sales really made us sit up and take notice. HD they believe will turn CCTV from what has always been a grudge purchase here in the UK into a desirable product. One that end users will actually seek out and look to buy.

Combine hd and analogue CCTV.

They ease of installation and the fact that a hybrid approach is possible ie a mix of analogue and HD cameras means that a targeted approach to where the HD cameras are used is quite possible, in fact this hybrid approach is a positive benefit. The cameras tested with the EPHD08 HD SDI DVR were the EQH5200 box camera this gave a 720p image and this was deemed quite sufficient in fact preferable to the 1080P offering.

EPHD08 how does it rate?

So how did the EPHD08 actually rate? Well Benchmark gave the unit the following scores and from the write up they seem fairly confident that this HD SDI DVR will be around and selling well for some time.

Product design 88%

Features and functions 85%

Ease of install 88%

Image quality 87%

performance 87%

Overall score 87%

so all in a great score and one that will put HD CCTV on the map here in the UK.

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