IP network camera solutions.

IP network camera solutions are beginning to take over the CCTV market place. The IP network camera has one major benefit over a traditional CCTV system, that’s flexibility. By using existing IT infrastructure an IP network camera can be placed anywhere in the world and viewed from anywhere you wish. With audio generally included in most models available the IP network camera is generally the first choice for IT professionals, but is it widely suitable for the CCTV industry?   Many would say yes and huge investment has taken place. The likes of Panasonic, Avigilon, Arecont, March Networks, Dallmeier, are just a few of the big names that have investeted millions of pounds into the IP network camera solution.

There is a school of thought however that has shed a little doubt on the future of the IP network camera. Can it compete against  HD SDI CCTV? Well the jury is out but the market place will migrate to HD security cameras and IP network camera solutions can deliver this technology.

Over the next few months we will see how the IP network camera evolves and when not if  we see IP CCTV overtake traditional analogue as the primary CCTV solution in the security market place.


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