HD CCTV why we would upgrade.

HD CCTV . The new technology that gives you HD images over an existing coaxial cabling infrastructure . No need to rewire just upgrade the ends and add an HD SDI DVR.

1)  HD CCTV gives sharpe clear images.

2) HD SDI DVR s gives the end user the ability to zoom in either live or in record mode to areas of interest.

3) HD CCTV gives clearer images for remote monitoring centres

4) When using HD CCTV you have the ability to cover a wider area without loss of definition.

5) Better pictures gives better deterrent value.

6) HD CCTV uses the existing coaxial cable infrastructure.

7) HD CCTV means no re-training for engineers

8 ) HD CCTV means you have no worries regarding  contention, compression or IT network issues.

9) No laptops, software upgrades requires

10) HD CCTV gives more evidence for end user with greater quality.

Just a few reasons why HD CCTV is the way forward for the CCTV industry. The only surprise is that it has taken so long to catch on.


2 Responses to “HD CCTV why we would upgrade.”

  1. Todd Rockoff says:

    I love your blog. Which HDcctv products have you tried so far?

  2. blogadmin says:

    Hi Todd, thanks for the comment, really pleased you like the blog! So far we have seen offerings from Ever Focus and Calsys….both of which offer great record solutions. We think the UK Market is prime for HD-CCTV and we are particularly motivated to raise the profile of this technology over here as we have a massive retro-fit and upgrade target audience that HD-CCTV is perfect for. In many ways IP has been hampered here by an installation industry that is either inexperienced or unable to ‘move with the times’ and therefore HD-CCTV offers exactly what they need – change the camera, change the recorder, leave the cables!! We would be really interested to hear of new cameras and recorders that you have tried or can recommend, so please point us in the right direction as we try to push this great technology over here – as well as the HDCCTValliance!!!