Brickcom FB-300A megapixel IP camera

Brickcom launches its three megapixel network camera with full HD

FB-300A brickcom 3 megapixel IP camera

Brickcom has released the FB-300A the first full HD three megapixel network camera into its range

Delivering full HD at 1080P resolution Brickcom are pitching this camera as a potential replacement for a PTZ camera within an installation enabling end users potential savings on installation costs.

The series has been designed to The FB-300A camera is capable of streaming video at up to 2,032 x 1,526 megapixel resolution.The FB-300A series provides true day and night surveillance and is feature rich to allow it to operate with reduced bandwidth to suit storage requirements.”

Equipped with an Internet browser or 3G mobile phone, the camera can be accessed from anywhere and the FB-300A can also transmit the video to portable devices. POE enabled the camera can be integrated seamlessly onto an IP network and has the edge recording capability through an on board SD card.

Built-in motion detection allows the FB-300Aa version of the IP camera to support Intelligent Video Analysis, which can be used for applications such  people counting, and object tracking.

Brickcom are forward thinking and progressive in their design and the FB300A is no exception the fact that Brickcom were able to release this IP camera with such high resolution in time for IFSEC 2011 is a credit to them.



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